Attitude Check

Well, the day came up sunny and pretty, and I managed my 10K course in 1:16

I have grading to do (1 of 3 classes done now..yay!) and I thought “well, stop after 4-5 miles is ok.” But no, it isn’t.
I wasn’t in pain. I wasn’t feeling sick (slightly overdressed). So I said “keep on” and I did; I finished what I started.

I don’t want “it” to get to me..and yes, I had a nightmare..well, make that an “unpleasant dream”; I was a witness to something done to someone that I did not want to see though they “had it coming.”

And sure, the university is undergoing cut backs; I do not think that tenure track faculty will be let go but we will be cut to the bare bone minimum, and my guess is that teaching loads will go up (how could they not, given a lack of bodies?) and perhaps a pay cut of some sort. Times will get very tough.

And the COVID-19: it is a nasty thing. But think about it: it evolved via natural selection to be good at reproducing and not causing symptoms in most is a great way to do that. That it damages some humans is, well, not any business of the virus, so to speak. It just “wants” to reproduce (is designed to reproduce and the ones that reproduce the best will thrive.). It is all so impersonal; it really isn’t a devil like thing.

So the effect on our lives my life?

Well, give my age and my spouse’s age; 200-300 years ago, we probably wouldn’t have lived that long. And forget the brutal conditions that our ancient ancestors endured. In fact, 99 percent of humans that have walked this earth over the past 50K -200K (depending on when you start counting) would find my current existence, pandemic and all, a dream world. Heck, my parents: both were depression era, and my dad fought in Vietnam twice.

This in no way dismisses the real troubles that others are having. There have been lay-offs, some battling serious illness, some who have clinical depression battling multiple harsh shocks to their lives. Yes, I can understand how many are miserable.

But I am talking about MY attitude and about MY current existence, which..well, is different from my spouse’s.

Side note: look at this 1981 Spanish flu documentary (40 minutes, but well worth it)