What will the COVID-19 pandemic do to us?

Eventually, this pandemic will end (that is, die down to manageable levels) and we’ll have some sort of effective strategy to deal with it.

Eventually, people will be back on the job and we’ll be moving forward.

But I wonder what this “stay home” will do to us; my wild, not-substantiated by anything” guess is that:

1. Some of the stuff we used to do won’t be missed and will die off.
2. Some businesses and activities will spring up and be integrated into our “usual existence” and
3. Some things that perhaps we liked but took for granted will come roaring back..more popular than ever before.

As for me: professionally, the question will be about the online stuff. Frankly, while think that online has its use, it really can’t replace face to face and that will become more apparent than ever.

Will we be teaching in the classroom this fall? MAYBE. China seems to have progressed to that and September might be just enough time. Maybe. But we have to cap our classes and not have big crowds of students…interesting.

Sports and recreation: I wonder if I will go to the gym as much. I have enough equipment to do *almost* everything I do at a gym. I will probably go back to yoga class. I did some on my own and will probably keep up, but it isn’t Vickie’s class.

Races: well, I honestly don’t know. I’ve become so slow it is almost “what is the point?” though the point might be “to not slow down any more.” I can imagine my doing a handful of the better attended races.

Games; OMG, did I miss being at the diamond today. I do NOT regret going to so many games. Can’t wait to be able to do it again, though I’ve resigned myself to no games for the rest of the year; even if the football season opens there will probably be “no high risk people” guidelines, and though I am not “high risk”…well…enough about that.

My wild guess is that the next game I watch in person will be a Bradley basketball game in 2021. That is just a guess.

Stiff as a board

Lower back is tight, upper back is tight..left knee..just overall stiff.
Reason, I think: no yoga classes (was going twice a week) and TOO MUCH SITTING. I usually pace when I teach.

So: stretch breaks between classes, during “office hours” and I’ll have to make time for stretching/yoga after every weight workout.

What will happen after ‘normal” returns (and it will…some day) I honestly do not know what normal will be; we will have a recession of sorts and we will have to learn to live with pandemics. So what will be new?
I honestly think that some aspects of our “before” society will be missed; people will find out that they do not miss other aspects. It will be interesting to see if students end up preferring online stuff or in person stuff; my guess is the latter.

I wonder if this will mean a return to society being more social..or a movement away from it.