Oh well…

Perceptions matter and so do some little things.
This past week I’ve taught online and that has meant a LOT of sitting, both when doing class and when writing notes, doing computer stuff, etc.

I am going to have to take breaks for walk around, stretch, etc. I have the time to do it..I have to be disciplined. 10 minutes of stretching between 40 minute sessions is very possible.
I need to bring yoga back.

Workout notes: deadlifts. Not my best session but..

6 x 145
5 x 195
1 x 239 (harder than expected)
a couple of misses at 261
miss at 244?
Sumo: 5 x 244
miss 244
Sumo: 5 x 239
Sumo 5 x 244
6 x 184 Romanian
6 x 134 stiff leg

Then a 5.1 mile walk…some back stuff>

My back just wasn’t right today; I think it is due to the excess sitting described above AND my not being intentional with stretching/yoga. Got to do that again.