So far, I like him my online stuff is going, though I am finding that I have to make adjustments. They don’t seem to be bad ones to make; I do have to remember to wind down and not go on too long.

About working out: if there is one piece of gym equipment that one was limited to and one was NOT allowed a treadmill, pull-up bar or barbell, I’d pick this one:

The Exer-genie is an excellent “bang for the buck” piece of equipment and it travels just about everywhere; easy to carry. It does not replace weights nor a pull up bar, but you can do quite a bit of resistance training with it.

And, it can be adjusted so that your super strong friend can use it, as can your weaker, elderly friend.

I used one when I was in high school.

Workout notes: 2 mile walk in glorious weather after weights:
pull ups: 10 sets of 5 with shorter rests
rotator cuff and free squats in between sets
bench press: 10 x 132, 5 x 176 (challenging) 5 x 170, 5 x 170
super set of squats, curls, bent over hex bar row, 3 sets each: 5 x 94 squat, 5 x 60 curl, 8 x 134 row.
super set of seated shoulder with dumbbells, hex bar dead lifts, 3 sets each: 10 x 44 press, 5 x 203 hex dead.
75 minutes total
2 mile walk.