Saturday Deadlifts and snow

Let me be clear: I resumed deadlfing after a long hiatus; I had reached a rather pedestrian 425 (in the gym) as a 21 year old (200 lb), discovered it again as a 35 year old (320 or so at 230 lbs of bodyweight) but gave it up as it hurt my back. I then noticed the trap bar, tried some and was hooked again; this time, instructional videos (like this one) have enabled me to train without hurting my back. But…confession..with low handles or with the straight bar, when I started I could not even get 225 (at 190-195 lb. of body weight).

Years of distance running, distance walking, and upper body lifting ..but I neglected to practice this.

My back is weak and legs are weak. I can do a set of 6 goblet squats with 70 lb, but my best barbell squat: 95 lb, which is less than I clean and press. I’ve got issues.

So my new obsession with deadlifting is NOT “oh, look at me..I am strong” but rather “I am trying to correct a body deficiency.” I’ve done that before; after rotator cuff issues, even a single pull up caused me pain. Now I can do sets of 10 and 15. And when I first started goblet squats: a set of 6 with 25 was…challenging.

So here goes:

Today I worked out in my home gym. Tools: straight bar (44 lb), two big collars (11 lb for the pair), bumper plates (45 lb), smaller plates of 22, 11 lb. Hex bar: 44 lb (checked this on a scale), spring collars for the hex, and 44 lb. cast iron plates.

Straight bar, conventional stance:

5 x 145
5 x 189 (“no bounce reps’)
4 x 233 (good, solid, no bounce reps)
3 misses at 255; second miss I actually got it to my knees but surprised myself and wasn’t ready to pull it all the way)

Straight bar: Sumo style:

5 x 211 (failed to touch one rep)

Straight bar: Romanian

6 x 167 (I could get below the knees before I felt the “rounding” starting)

Hex bar

6 x 176 (confession: I just got my new hex bar and wanted to try it out; easy, no knee pain)

Only slight worry: “tug” on my right side; lower part of the rib..does NOT appear to be serious.

Then, 5 mile treadmill walk in 1:01:19; final mile was 11:47. This was decent for a walk; it is yucky outside:

The weather has been weird. We went from 50’s on Wednesday to the teens on Thursday. Then it warmed; then we got 3 inches of fluffy, dry snow yesterday afternoon (see the above; it was dry when I walked to the office at noon). Now it got well above freezing and rain; cold front is coming in which will put us in low single digits.

Tammy (a racewalking friend) teased me with this snow shovel photo (she lives in Utah)

Cassie teased me earlier..a few months ago.

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