Thanksgiving Dawn

Got my Chocolate Turkey race packet (3 mile race); bought some shoes; the kid who waited on me was born in 2002. Oh well. I did buy a new kind as well as my old NB model.

I should be set for some time WRT to running shoes.

Thanksgiving: no, I won’t be arguing with anyone over politics; I tend to carefully select who I discuss things with..though I’ll be polite if someone asks me.
I doubt that many people are open to persuasion though sometimes activists who come out strongly against someone might get me to see that person MORE favorably. Seriously: with such people, not going into enough detail so as to check every required box means you must be mistaken, delusional, etc.

Who I like: Klobuchar (my favorite):

(she zings Trump’s putting his head or Rocky Balboa)

Booker, Biden not Buttigieg (something about B’s?)

Warren: I like her personally and I think that she is brilliant, but I have doubts about her political aptitude.