Too early for this…

It is not even Thanksgiving and it is 12 F outside.

So: workout was yoga with Ms. V. then 5 miles on the treadmill: 5 at 5.2, 5 at 5.3 then alternating 2:30 of 6.7 with 2:30 of 5.3, 8 repetitions. then some 5.3 and increasing speed to get to 5 miles in 50:57 (11:18/39:41)
Strangely enough, the first 30 minutes of the 2:30 alternating pace felt good; it didn’t get challenging until the 6’th rep; then the 7’th and 8’th reps were tough.

getting it..order matters

Blasted myself out of bed.

weights only: rotator cuff, 5 sets of 10, 1 of 5 pull ups
bench: 10 x 135, 2 x 185
incline: 10 x 135
decline: 10 x 165
hex dead: 4 x 175, 1 x 225 (got it..handles down), 3 x 205
goblet squats: 6 x 35, 6 x 60
military: 2 sets of 10 x 45 standing, 10 x 180 machine
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 110 machine, 10 x 200 Hammer
2:30 plank, head stand

Still, 225 being hard is embarrassing

Bear Down: Bears beat Lions 20-13

The Bears snapped a 4 game losing steak and beat NFC Central rival Detroit 20-13, in a game in which the Bears owned about 9 minutes of the game: the last 4 minutes before the end of the first half and the first 5 minutes of the 3’rd quarter.

Other than that: Lions mostly..or even. The Lions opened the game with a drive for a field goal, and then they got another in the second quarter. But with about 4 minutes to go in the half, the Bears opened it up a bit and their qb hit some passes (and the Bears made a risk 4’th and 1 on their own 40. So it was 7-6 at the half.

Second half: another fine drive, helped by a pass right in front of me. But it was 13-6 as the Bears kicker missed the extra point.

Then: interception…cashed in by a TD and so it is now 20-6 and the Lions seemed finished.

Not so fast: midway through the 4’th, a drive was finished by a long pass and it was 20-13.

That is how the game ended, but there was more drama. The Lions drove it inside the Bears 30 but were repulsed on 4’th down, with just over 2 minutes to play. But the Lions had all 3 time outs and got the ball back.
A drive made it inside the Bears 30, but the final end zone pass failed.

Fly over

Harry and me.

Skyline…I love visiting Chicago.

Early action

From the final Lion drive.

Soldier Field
I’ve been to a few games and have sat in different seats:

400 level grandstand, about 32 rows up.

200 level Media Deck (section 243 or so) 2016 and 2017

200 level colonnade section: (toward the corner)

400 level grandstand, rows 2 or 3 (441, 431…)

300 level United Club (sort of toward the end zones

And what you see above: view from the 200 level club (40 yard line; section 210)

I won’t lie: the 200 club near midfield were the best seats; I did like the Media deck and 300 level aren’t THAT high up. Now toward the top end: well, you get a great view of the the city around you but the rather large players look small.

I prefer any seat to not being there at all, but I’d pay a bit more for Media Deck, 200 or 300 level club, or even 300 level grandstand (haven’t actually sat there) or even for the first, say, 5 rows of the 400 level grandstand.