What to make of Illinois Football?

Workout notes; 5 mile hill run yesterday followed by some serious football watching.

Ok, I saw Bradley win his home opener 90-56 over IUPUI, a team that had given them trouble in the past.

There seemed to be a larger than (recent) average crowd and my row of seats were full..which is unusual.

About football: Illinois gave up 526 yards of offense to Michigan State. But MSU turned the ball over 4 times, including 3 times in scoring position and gave up a pick-6, and Illinois rallied 27-3 in the 4’th to win 37-34 with 5 seconds to go in the game (got a key PI call in the 4’th..and the DB did grab the Illini receiver)

So 4 Big Ten wins in a row, though 2 were games in which the Illini took the lead on the last or second to last play of the game. 1 win against a good team, 2 against so-so teams, and 3 against simply dreadful teams.
But in the recent past, that would have been only 4 wins, so it is progress, to be sure.

And Illinois State bounced back from an embarrassing blow out loss to Northern Iowa to beat a strong South Dakota State 27-18 on the road; if ISU wins out they are in the playoffs, I think.