Sore shoulders but progress

I still felt the shoulders from pushing myself on Friday on the hex bar deadlifts.

Still: pull ups (5 sets of 10, good), rotator cuff, bench: 10 x 135, 2 x 185 (easy, sort of), 5 x 155 (pause), goblet squats: 6 x 25, 45, 60, 70 ..70 might have been not quite all the say down
decline: 8 x 170, military: 10 x 45, 10 x 45 standing dumbbell, 10 x 180, rows, 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine, plank, headstand..and yes, one set of 6 x 45 barbell squats. My upper body position is terrible on these.

Colts beat Texans 30-23 in an entertaining game

Guys football weekend, part II. This was an entertaining game that saw the Texans only punt twice (once after the first drive) and the Colts 4 times…all in the 4’th quarter. Total yards were more or less even: 391 for the Texans, 383 for the Colts, and team lost the ball deep in their own territory; and the Texans threw a “ball batted up by a diving receiver” interception on their final drive. Both teams attempted 4’th down conversions.

The key difference: the Colts went into the red zone 4 times and came away with 4 touchdowns; the Texans kicked 3 field goals..and that included when they got a fumble at the Colt 3, and got a short field when the Colts failed on a 4’th and 1.

The Colts lead 14-6 just before the half when the Texans mounted a quick drive to cut the lead to 14-9.

No problem: long drive in the second half to make it 21-9; the Texans answered with their first touchdown, and the Colts did the same. It was 28-16 going into the 4’th quarter..where the Colts offense sputtered.

The Texans pulled to 28-23 and the Colts pinned them deep after a good punt. The Texans went nowhere and 2:41 left in the game (and all 3 time outs), took a safety.
The Texan defense held and got the ball back at their own 36, but ended up throwing a freak interception (ball tipped up by a diving receiver) which sealed the game.

The Colts now lead the AFC South.

Efficient Illini upset Wisconsin 24-23

What to say about this game? Wisconsin came in as a 31 point favorite. I had picked the Illini to cover the spread, given that the last couple of games in Champaign ended 24-13 and 24-10. But I did NOT pick the Illini to win.

Not many others picked the Illini to win either, and only 37K showed up, despite excellent football weather.

Yes, the following is hindsight, but Lovie Smith’s defenses do a good job vs. classical attacks…struggle with read options and lots of play actions:

And so we go to the game itself. Yes, total yards favored Wisconsin 420-315 and both teams missed makable field goals. But the Illini won the turn over battle 3-1, and got two HUGE turnovers in the 4’th quarter; the fumble thwarted a Wisconsin drive that might have iced the game, and the interception lead to the game winning field goal.

And yes, the Illini had a 2’nd quarter TD called back because of an “lineman downfield” penalty.

How it went down: first drive, no problem; 7-0 Badgers. But they started to sputter a bit; it was only 10-0 in the second quarter; the Illini were hanging around. Then game a slant pass and a spectacular touchdown run after the catch; the Illini repeatedly burned the Badger secondary when they tried man coverage.

Another drive ended in a Badger field goal and it was 13-7 at the half.

Second half: exchange of punts; then an Illinois fumble after a catch. Badgers cash in and it is 20-7; students start to leave.

But the Illini would not roll over; a drive followed by a spectacular 43 yard run (up the middle no less) kept the Illini in it; it was only 20-14.

In the 4’th quarter: that is where the “don’t give up” play happened…still it was 23-14 and I thought Wisconsin would ice the game.

Nope: though the Illini were stuffed on a 4’th and short at midfield, the Illini got a fumble at the Illini 25 and that lead to a touchdown drive capped by a nice pass.

Then came the final Wisconsin drive with just over 6 minutes to go. On 3’rd and 5, the Illini intercepted and drove to get the ball in field goal range, where the Illini kicker calmly nailed it.

Photos: Harry and I went to this; we are in Indianapolis awaiting the Colts vs. Texans.

Pretty fall day.

Workout notes: Saturday: 2 mile walk. Sunday: 5K run on the treadmill in 33:20; 32:26 at mile 3; varied the pace. It was warm and “pre-coffee”.

Is Warren really the front runner for the D-nomination?

Yes, it is true that Warren has surged in the polls..but front runner? Uh..she will probably do well in Iowa and New Hampshire but in terms of national polls: not so fast.

And politically, she is the 6’th least popular senator per constituent approval (via Morning Consult)

Yes, she DOES have some passionate support, especially among educated people. She does have detailed plans on how to implement policies, which are probably sound ..on policy grounds.

But that is not what gets someone elected nor is it what motivates Congress to go along with said plans.

We tend to decide on, well, either emotions or empirical reasoning that takes place in our subconscious ..and then rationalize our choices.

Example: I found myself drawn toward Amy Klobuchar and Corey Booker. Why? My guess: in Booker’s case, he inspired confidence in me for reasons I didn’t quite understand at first. Then I found out: yes, he played football at Stanford…I was reacting to the “team captain” aspect of him. Klobuchar: perhaps she reminded me of my favorite demanding coaches, military officers and graduate school mentors who pushed you.


Uh, no..that is EXACTLY how it works..and in Warren’s case, my fear is that it will work against her in the general election.

My guess: many see Warren and Hillary Clinton as two tough, brilliant, outspoken women who will just take it to those intellectually dull arrogant MANSPLAINERS! That they are indeed different and somewhat on the opposite ends of the D party..well, that is a small detail
(yes, I knew someone who liked both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton..because both were spunky women)

I think that this gets it right:

Yep. And as someone else pointed out:

I know..the D plans are mostly sound and work in other countries. But it sure APPEARS that we are for: “taking from the high achievers and giving to the chronic underachievers” and that just does not sell well. Yes, I KNOW it isn’t that. But it comes across that way, and …well, our message stinks. Just wagging your finger and calling your opponents heartless racists, sexists and misogynists isn’t going to work.

Explaining why ALL of us benefit might (e. g. more money at the bottom of the economy means more customers for hard working business owners..)

Order of exercises matters

Yesterday: yoga, 5K on the treadmill (30:46; from 20 minutes on I moved from 6.7 to 7.2 mph), 2 mile walk outside.
Today: weights; varied the order a bit: pull ups (5 sets of 10), rotator cuff, goblet squats: 6 x 25, 45, 65 (decent depth), one set of 6 with 45 lb. bar (regular squat); I lean over too much.
bench: 10 x 135, 1 x 185 (legal, but weak), 5 x 160 pause (pause for a second on the chest; hips down)
hex dead: 6 x 175, 1 x 230 (head not right for rep 2), 3 x 235 (a struggle)
decline: 5 x 170 (shoulders were torched)
military; 10 x 45, failed at 50 seated, failed at 45 standing; right arm wouldn’t go up
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110
military: 10 x 45 (pushed pressed to get the dumbbell up the first time), 10 x 180 machine
plank (2:30)

I was whipped afterward; I underestimated the stress on the shoulders during the dead lift. And I still used my back too much even though I used the hex bar.

Coming back to presses didn’t work out that well…or at least I was limited.

Political Malaise Creeping In

Ok, 1980 was the first presidential election I voted in. I knew that chances were slim in 1984, and again in 1988, but in those cases, the Republican was no Trump. And in 2000 and in 2004 and in 2016, I felt we had a good shot (and we won the popular vote in 2000 and 2016 so I wasn’t crazy).

But in this one…yes, Trump is unpopular but his approval ratings have been very, very stable. (Real Clear, fivethirtyeight


Yes, it is high enough, at this point in time, to win reelection; it is similar to where Obama’s was at this point in time leading up to the 2012 election (see the fivethirtyeight link)

And as far as the Democrats:

I like Klobuchar, but she is so low in the polls, she might not make the stage in the next debate. Booker: nope; I like him, though I wonder if this is an emotional “captain of the football team” reaction from me (yes, he played at Stanford). Buttigieg: nope. Smart guy, but he needs time in Congress or as governor; South Bend is a relatively small town.

The realistic candidates: Biden and Warren.

Biden: perhaps he isn’t past his expiration date, but he is past his “best if used by” date; he has lost a step and gaffes too much.

Warren: brilliant woman, but a well crafted plan means zip if you can’t get elected or get said plan past Congress. Shaking your fist and saying “you need to fight” doesn’t mean much. I think that she comes across as scolding and professorial …like Obama, but minus the charm. Ironically, she does have middle class roots (grew up in Oklahoma) and really is “self made”; no one paved the way for her. With her, I don’t worry about the product; it is sound. It is the packaging that I am worried about.

The others: nope.

Yes, I’ll vote for a rubber chicken if it ran against Trump. And yes, we are likely to win the popular vote, again. But the EC: is a tough needle to thread for us, especially since Iowa and Ohio have exited the “swing state” status and we have no guarantees of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. It is a tough map for us.

Workout notes: weights and a 2 mile walk:
pull ups: 5 sets of 10, one of 5, rotator cuff, plank, headstand, goblet squats: 6 x 25, 45, 50, 60, 4 x 70. hex deads: 6 x 175, 4 x 225 (tough). Weight: 186? Not sure what is going on; not enough sleep? Irritation with work? Recovery from my marathon/half marathon? Who knows.

Social media

Interestingly enough: I’ve read where millennials are the loneliest generation. I also notice that many public events (especially sports) are increasingly poorly attended…even good teams have trouble filling seats (at least in many locations). Yes, I know..this is not a thorough analysis.

But I do wonder: on social media you can block or mute those that irritate you. At an event, you have to make allowances for the behavior of others, which is sometimes non-optimal.
And in friendships, one has to make allowances for the quirks of others, just as they have to make allowances for your quirks. One cannot just “block”, “mute” or “snooze.”

But, on the other hand, I love social media anyway..but I see it as a way of connecting with those I might never meet AND a way to get together “in real life” and to stay connected even when miles separate us.

Wokeness Stuff like this is what gives the humanities a black eye. Good grief.

Politics: I am strangely indifferent to the D debate; I more or less know who I like (Klobuchar) and know who isn’t going to win (Klobuchar). Of the “plausible” candidates (Warren and Biden) I’ll go with Joe…”I guess”..and vote for whoever wins. It is kind of depressing that I really don’t like anyone, but I’d vote for rubber chicken if that who was running against Trump.

Workout notes:
Monday: weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10, one of 5), goblet squats: 6 x 25, 45, 50, 60, hex deads: 6 x 175, 3 x 225, bench: 10 x 135, 1 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, decline: 10 x 165, military: 10 x 45, 10 x 45 dumbbell, 10 x 180 machine, 3 sets of 10 x 110 row, plank, headstand.

Tuesday: yoga, then 2 mile run (19:25: 10:40/8:45), then 2 mile hike with the group.

Photos from the hike, and then the Bradley Basketball scrimmage, dunk contest and coed 3 point contest.

Michigan vs. Illinois and a half marathon

Well, as far as the football game: it was a great 17 minutes of game time. During this stretch, ranging from just before halftime to the first 2 minutes of the 4’th quarter, Illinois completely outplayed Michigan, outscoring them 25-0.

Oh…but alas, games are 60 minutes, and the Wolverines outscored the Illini 28-0 before this stretch and 14-0 afterward and won 42-25. They outgained the Illini 489-256 and ran for 295 yards. But sloppy play and great punting from the Illini (and a 50 yard field goal) helped the Illini make it interesting during the 3’rd and early 4’th quarter.

Early on, Michigan ran all over the Illini and moved up and down the field at will. A fumble and a stupid personal foul..and a missed field goal kept the score from being worse than 28-0.

And when the Illini made a game of it in the 4’th quarter, the Wolverines promptly marched down the field to get a score, then came up with a turnover of their own (deflected pass/fumble) to set up a 1 yard touchdown drive to salt the game away.

About the team: well, frankly I did NOT expect a competitive quarter, so there was that. And next weekend’s game vs. Wisconsin might get ugly; the real test of “progress” will be the two weeks of “at Purdue” and at home vs. Rutgers..and the home closer vs. Northwestern (no hopes for the games at Iowa and Michigan State).

Tracy was good company..we visited the new Butkus statue.

It wasn’t that cold, temperature wise, but blustery due to a very strong, biting wind.

Oh, yes, I did walk 2 miles prior to the game.

Sunday: I had signed up for the marathon and ..well…I lacked the confidence from knowing that one was prepared. And yes, this one has a 6 hour time limit so I knew I’d have to jog some. But I lacked a sufficient number of running miles and I really started to tire at mile 11, so I decided to finish the half marathon instead (2:40:36). I was just under 12 minute miles pretty much all the way to mile 10..then I felt it.

Still, it was fun to walk/jog and participate ..though ironically, I might have done better had I decided to just “power walk for time” from the start. I didn’t feel that bad at the half, but my legs were completely shot.

Ah. The reality is: I have not trained enough to recover from a marathon in a short amount of time; I’ve had enough long walks but not enough total mileage. I cannot handle a slew of 50-60 mile weeks anymore.

Role of civility and Warren’s quip

I am thinking about how things have become…

Many years ago (20?) there was a department interviewing candidates. The head kept referring to the female candidates by their first names and the males by their title. A younger, junior member politely spoke up and said that there should be the same usage for both. The comment was accepted.

Another time, in a class, a foreign student asked if there would be “coding” on the test. The professor answered in an accent that mimicked the student answering the question, and another student responded “I heard that accent..” the prof said “I didn’t” and the student laughed and said “yes, you did…”

And guess what? It never happened again.

My point: these behaviors were called out, and rightly so..but in a civil way. No report was made to higher up, etc. And that, IMHO, is how things change for the better; less resentment, push-back, etc. Now-a-days, the “wokes’ see this as an opportunity to pounce..instead of an opportunity to improve relationships and to help their colleagues grow.

I feel it is more of a “power thing” with them than a “let’s make things better for everyone;” a fight, if you will (see, they want “allies.”)

Now about Elizabeth Warren:

Now, the “assuming you can find one” quip at the end was totally unnecessary.

Yeah, what about Trump? I see it this way: does snark like that help US with OUR election? I have my doubts..and I have my doubts about Warren’s political skill.

Yes, this might help with the Twitter crowd, or with humanities professors or with Unitarians.

The people we need to win over or win back aren’t the hard core Trump people; they are those turned off my Trump’s vulgarity. What works for him probably won’t work for would be a bit like Joe Frazier attempting to fight Ali by mimicking Ali’s style.

Workout notes: Weights only. pull ups (15-15-10-10), light goblet squats (6 x 25, 3 sets), bench: 10 x 135, 1 x 185, 1 x 195, incline: 10 x 135, decline: 8 x 170
military: 10 x 40 dumbbell standing, 10 x 45 dumbbell standing, 10 x 180 (2 sets machine), rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110. 2:30 plank, headstand.

Getting real…should be good weather Sunday