North Dakota State Visits and a 5K

Saturday: I did a small university 5K; finished 43 of 69 (lots of students) 39/37 among the males and 1’st over 60 (not many older people) with a time of 28:26. It was a good day to run but I gave up for a couple of minutes after the second mile; I attempted to pick it up but, well…the legs were a bit heavy, again.

I got to meet up with Mike oldtime rival. I first met him when I chased him at the Crime Stoppers 5K in 1996; he was under 22 and I was just over 22 for that one. We were a bit slower this time around.

Then I picked up Mat for a trip to Illinois State to watch the North Dakota State Bison; they have won 7 of the last 8 FCS Championships. They were in championship form and won 37-3 in a game that was reflected by the final score. ISU made a first down early but then fumbled; and it took NDSU little time to cash in. Next drive: same thing.

To see how it went:

This call was reviewed…and stood..knee down just prior to the ball breaking the plane. So first and goal at the half yard line; two running plays got stuffed..then a sack..and then an incomplete pass. Zero points from this drive.

Yes, they had a good crowd initially, but it dwindled.

Oh, Illinois got creamed by Minnesota 40-17 and gave up 480 yards plus, mostly on running.


I did get a nice sunset though

And this morning..a lazy day and a 10 mile walk to and from the goose loop. It went ok.