Racing and Cardinals

Saturday was eventful.

AM: Strides for Justice 5K with Tracy. I know that my usual competition got away; my warm up was dead, dead, dead. The course was wet and it was humid..very, very humid. But the rain storm was over. And my warm up showed me that I was dead.

First mile was 8:54 (downhill) and I was tracking Mary Sue and a woman in black tights. I was to catch neither though I gained on the latter.
Next was 9:15 (mix of down and up) to get to 18:10; last 1.1 (uphill) took forever (11:30; at least I didn’t walk it in).

Then to Indian buffet, then to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals lose to the Cubs 8-6; the Cubs sprang out to a 6-0 lead via 4 home runs off of the starting Cardinal pitcher. The Cubs rallied and pulled to 6-5 but then the Cubs extended it. Ironically: the Cubs are out of playoff contention and the Cardinals clinched the division with a win. They got the win today 9-0.

The Arch was near the hotel.

Yes, if there is a 6′ 7″ “jack in the box” that stands up for anything, he will be right in front of me. Guaranteed.
Yes, I’ll still go to games, but the reality is that many who go aren’t there to watch 100 percent of the action; and if you get an aisle seat, you’ll have a parade of 300 lb. people going back and forth to the concession stand, right during double plays…my preferred seats are in the middle of the section, first row.

The ball park is beautiful.

There is a restaurant/bar area near the field.

A batter hit by a pitch drew the teams…

A shift vs. a left hand hitter.

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