A curmudgeon’s post: kids, SJW’s, etc.

Workout notes: nothing yet..might walk a mile or two later. Heavy downpour expected tomorrow, but I’ve had a training walk like that (22 miles in heavy rain). And I’ve had a 15K run in a heavy downpour and did ok..by my current (low) standards.

Old Man Yelling at a Cloud

I just saw something about a young people’s strike about climate change. And this is weird …yes, I agree that climate change is real, human made and serious problem that needs to be addressed. So, in that sense, the kids are right.

But a “youth strike?” What exactly are they striking from? Skipping class? I’ve never quite understood that; how is making yourself LESS informed going to improve anything?

For a strike to be effective, you have to have something that others want, and what exactly do these kids have?

Yes, this time, they are right, but that is mostly an accident. The vast majority of them really don’t know very much, and what they do know is very shallow.

Sorry, but kids do not drive my thoughts on policy nor do they drive what I do.

Oh..other things we are supposed to be outraged about: the Canadian PM played dress-up and wore dark pancake make up. I admit that it would be a bone headed thing to do now, but really…when it comes to issues, I care little about this one.

To me, this is a “oh, come on..don’t do that again” type of thing. BTW, if you want me to listen to an attempted rebuke, do not use SJW words like “privilege”..if you do I will blow you off.

The 2020 Presidential Race

Here is the weakness that I (think) that I see in the pundits:

My issue with Warren: no, it is in’t her proposed policies which, while technically sound, appear to be unpassable in a nation divided as ours (this take on a hypothetical Warren presidency has merit, IMHO. Hint: nothing gets done because any D majority has to include red state, red CD Democrats)

No, my issue with Warren is her stage presence. Her speech mannerisms come across (to many) as “school marm-ish” and “scolding”. Yes, she is bright; perhaps the smartest presidential candidate we’ve ever had (Harvard recruited her for a full professor position). She understands policy the way that an expert does.

But politics, like other endeavors, requires diligence AND aptitude, and IMHO, she does not have much aptitude for politics.

Yes, her rallies draw people, but large rallies does not imply broad support. And she is the 5’th least popular US Senator as measured by constituent opinion.

Don’t get me wrong: if she wins the Democratic nomination (and she might), I’ll not only vote for her, but I’ll send her campaign money and I’ll participate in GOTV activities. But I am skeptical of her chances and of her abilities to draw widespread support.

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