Chiefs struggles continue unabated

It isn’t pretty: the Chiefs are last in the Midwest League Western Division second half standings, were next to last in the first half standings, and overall last with a record of 46-78. This was after 4 years in a row of playoff baseball.

And Saturday and Sunday: social: fun. Game: ugh. Saturday’s game finished 9-2 but it wasn’t that close. It was 9-0 going into the bottom of the 9’th;
Today: 7-3 loss. The Chiefs did tie the game at 1 early (midway) with a nifty 370 foot home run to right field. Then they closed to 4-2 before giving the runs back. And yes, errors didn’t help (bad throw to first off a bunt) and a lackadaisical effort on a fly ball to center left which turned a single into a double (lazy approach to the ball followed by a lob to the infield).

Something is wrong.

Socially it was fun. I took Saturday’s game with Tracy; B went out to dinner with us and then did her own event. Today: Indian buffet lunch at a recently renovated restaurant then the game by myself, though as usual, I talked to fans. There were a few exciting plays (caught a fly leaning into the stands, for one and the catcher made a spectacular throw to stop a steal attempt).

Author: oldgote

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