Inspiration only goes so far…

I watched this prior to going to the gym…

and when I got to the gym…I was reminded, very quickly, that I have my own body. Disclaimer: I once could dead lift 425 but that was in the early 1980’s. That was ironic; I was much stronger and faster when I was an undergraduate student than what I am now. BUT…I do have some of my old exams and math problems that baffled me then are…well “man, I must have been a drooling moron not to get a perfect score on that test” easy for me now. So it goes…

weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10, one of 5), military: 10 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine. 10 x 135 incline, 7 x 165 decline.

Then to the track (lane 2): 10:15/8:36 (18:52), 1 walk for 3 total.

back to the gym: hex bar deadlifts: 4 x 175, 4 x 195 (all done easily; tug on the left part of my back is all but gone), goblet squats: 6 x 50, 6 x 60
planks (2:30 front, and side plank).

Yeah, I know; back in 2000 I ran a marathon (Indianapolis) in 3:38:12, which is 8:19 a mile. Today, doing ONE mile in 8:36 was challenging. So it goes.

Author: oldgote

I enjoy politics, reading, science, running, walking, (racewalking and ultrawalking) hiking, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, cycling and reading. I also follow football (college and pro), basketball (men and women) and baseball (minor league and college)

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