Biden and older people becoming more conservative with age…

First things first: yoga, then a 6.4 mile run (this 5.7 mile course, plus an extra .37 goose loop and .34 miles to get to and from the course from my car:

Time: 1:16, or about 11:55. It was a shuffle on somewhat sore legs.

Election: yes, I still like Klobuchar the best but, to be honest, I think that she started with too low of a profile to gain any traction. She is popular with her constituents and has the best track record of getting bills singed into law, given that she started in 2007. She has 33 to Biden’s 42, but she has had 35 fewer years to do it. And her bills are pretty substantial ones..she is a doer.

But alas, she is not polling well and Joe Biden is the front runner, for now…and has an excellent chance of getting the nomination. And so, he is taking heat, much of it from the loony left.

The latest: has to deal with him discussing how he dealt the segregationist Senators back in his early days of the Senate. He described how he had to deal with them civilly.

None of what Biden said is new; he talked about this in detail in his book Promises to Keep (2007) Yes, this book had long been out when President Obama picked him to be VP..and yes, Obama vetted him.

I am happy to see his campaign hitting back at the critics.

Yes, there is some truth to this Tweet but Biden’s support comes from others as well:

Anyway, keep piling on Biden and I just might have to vote for him (unless Klobuchar surges into a competitive position, and yes, I’ve contributed to her campaign).

Are older people more conservative? Yes…for many reasons. One reason: it used to be that wealthier people trended conservative, and wealthier people live longer. There are, of course, other reasons. One conjecture of mine: I used to be considered somewhat liberal because I was for gay rights (including marriage), for affirmative action (making higher education more accessible to underrepresented minorities), etc. BUT the goal post has shifted and now having positions such as “genetic males should not be considered females in sports competitions” or “math isn’t inherently racist” is enough to get you labeled as a conservative. And if you think that the word “woman” should refer to someone who is biologically female, well, that is HATE SPEECH. I kind of thought it was taxonomy.