Flippant “politically correct” answer to an honest problem

Ok, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a link to this article (which, while not perfect, at least addresses some of the nuances)

And, of course, it is NOT politically correct to admit that it might be reasonable to feel discomfort. Note: “uncomfortable” does not mean “not going to do it.” Many times, progress requires pushing through at least some discomfort.

And Rep. Ocasio-Cortez gave a super PC answer: OF COURSE, this is men finding it hard to “not be creepy.”

I tried to give a serious response..and while it wasn’t that poorly received, it received some heat from the “woke dummies.”

There is really quite a bit going on and it might well involve a female that really DID get sexually harassed by someone else. Example: sometimes senior people might offer, say, a lunch or outing (ball game?) with a more junior one as a way of saying “welcome”…that dynamic would be more difficult with a female. Even the conversation might be different. Example: once a more senior engineer asked me how much I could bench press…he noticed by body. That was sort of a “hey, you are enough of a team member to be noticed” type remark..never in 1,000,000 years would I let a junior female know that I noticed her body.

Things DO have to change a bit, and change can be uncomfortable, even to a reasonable person.

But oh no; AOC and the woke simpletons just reduce it to male creepiness.

Author: oldgote

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