A baseball staycation

Workout notes: Saturday’s run stated late (for heat conditioning ) and ended when I conked out at mile 7.2…got dehydrated and the run became a super struggle, left knee hurt, etc. So I just walked it in; the first 6.5 miles were fine. Sunday: walked an easy 5 at about at 15 minute pace.

I do have a cold; my burning nose turned out to be a cold. I feel better now but am draining all over the place (TMI)

Baseball: bonus game against Cedar Rapids Kernels on Saturday night as Hostage took her great grand kids to the circus. And an interesting game it was:

At first, the game zipped along and the Chiefs got no hitting. The kernels lead 2-0 and could have lead 3-0, but on a medium length fly ball with 1 out, the Kernels runner at 3’rd base just jogged it home and didn’t slide and was thrown out!

Bottom of the 8’th: nice rally by the Chiefs (ok, some control problems from the Kernels pitcher)

A sacrifice fly and hit brought in 4 runs and the Chiefs lead 4-2 after 8.

Then came the top of the 9’th; the Kernels got 1 run but there were two outs..more walks..but the bases were loaded..2 strikes…crowd clapping….

GRAND SLAM. Now the Chiefs trailed 7-4 going into the bottom of the 9’th.

2 outs..walk, hit..another runner….then a triple to clear the bases and it was tied!

2 tuns total through 7.5 innings..then 12 runs in 1.5 innings. Game now well over 3 hours.

Chiefs lost in the extra inning when the Kernels got their “ghost runner” home; Chiefs did not.

Double header Sunday

First game: bad pitching, no hitting. 7-1 loss. Game took over 3 hours though it was only 7 innings. Chiefs pitchers could NOT throw strikes, etc.

So just when I lamented the Chiefs pitching and thought about skipping the second game…Chiefs starter throws an excellent game: 6 innings, scattered 5 hits, WALKED NO ONE, and allowed one solo home run. That’s it.THAT was fine pitching. Reliever comes in..gets the job done..Chiefs win 2-1.

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