Not what it seemed

Unwelcome houseguest edition:

yoga (distracted) then a 5.5 mile run that I thought was only 5 miles in 1:04:30. Weight: 186.5..not much knee stretching as a train delayed me in getting to yoga (I wasn’t late..but wasn’t early either).

No, my legs didn’t feel good at all …they were lifeless but I was moving a bit better than I had feared.

Then off to watch the 11 am game in the MVC tournament (as has been my habit)

I was decked out in a half marathon shirt and a Cornbelters hat. Fortunately, no one asked me my time for that half. This game was an elimination game between Missouri State and Southern Illinois. Mo. State won its first game 7-1 and lost a tight one to Dallas Baptist: 1-0. SIU defeated Bradley 7-4 and lost to Illinois State 4-1.

The bottom of the fist: SIU got a double, walk, home run, a double, a single and two more walks ..all in one inning, and lead 4-0. There was an early visit by the pitching coach.

But the teams settled down for a while, swapping runs in the 3’rd ..and it was 5-1 when Mo. State rallied on back to back home runs in the bottom of the 6’th. Then the 7’th saw SIU score a run but Mo. St. 2 (throwing error on a ground ball with bases loaded) and so it was 6-5 going into the 8’th, when SIU got 3 more to lead 9-5, and then another in the top of the 9’th to lead 10-5 going into the bottom of the 9’th. Safe lead, right? Nope.

The inning began with an error..followed by two doubles and a home run and now it was 10-9, with no outs! But all Mo. State could get was a single and no more runs, and the inning ended with 2 strike outs.

Crazy game; Mo. State had given up 2 runs in the previous two games COMBINED and SIU had given up 4 in each game.

So yesterday, a tense pitcher’s duel. Today: a slug fest…both fun games to watch.

More ball ..

Rinse, lather repeat: doctor visit..then to Illinois State for a Ball game (a honey of a pitcher’s battle: 1-0 Dallas Baptist ..a game that featured much more action than the score might indicate)

Then an untimed 5 mile walk..Bradley Park Cornstalk Hill course, then Vietnamese food with Tracy and B.

Illinois weather: 80’s. Really.