Some progress

I waited until 8:15 to start running; it felt slightly warm (75-80) but humidity was in the 60 percent range. My course (same as Tuesday) had some cover and, much to my surprise, I was able to cover it a couple of minutes faster than I did in cooler temperatures earlier this week, and 10 minutes faster than the week before?

Time was 1:30 for the 7.96 mile mark and 1:31:30 for the 8.1. No, this wasn’t fast, but it was under the sort of conditions we’ll see at Steamboat and I was really going at a very modest effort pace. I did see some other runners out training ..including a group of guys I had no hope of catching or staying with.

Weight: 186 (before), 182 after. That is about half the weight I would lose if I would have gone at a race effort.

Knees: some stiffness but I faithfully did my stretching.