Pitting women against men: probably not winning politics

Yes, I winced when I saw the Alabama abortion bill “signed into law” by their governor (a female, BTW). Much was made of the fact that the Alabama State Senators who voted for it were all, well, men (white men, no less)

And Democratic politicians made the most of it:

But…well, that bill, then known as HB314 had to pass the Alabama House where, yes, it got female votes (all the female R’s voted for it..though I only counted 4 of 74).

And again, a female governor signed it into law.

As far as the issue itself, “pro choice” vs. “pro life” is really pretty evenly split among men and women.

So your split is mostly about: educational level, income level, D vs. R, and religion. It really is NOT male vs. female.

But in liberal circles, it is fashionable to go after those white men…unless you want to be “one of the good ones” (aka “ally of women”, which I presume means “ally of women who think like her.”)

Now some know these statistics and dismiss it as a matter of women “internalizing the misogyny of the patriarchy”; that is, men are capable of coming to different views on their own accord, but if women were really free, they’d think just like the “woke women.” It is almost as if feminists of this type view men as volitional but not women! And yes, this attitude DOES turn some women off, including some who despise Trump and people like him.

But what the heck, I suppose it is all too human to think “if you were informed, logical and moral, you’d think just like I do.”

BTW, yes, I am pro-choice. No, I don’t have a uterus. And yes, I was told that my opinion would be different if I had a uterus (yes, pro life women have told me that).

My attempt to relax backfires

Tuesday night was my “last night before my last final” so I decided to blow off some steam by watching a baseball game. It started at 6:30…and I figured it would be the usual 2:15-2:30 length game. Wrong: 4:25.

What happened: the Chiefs lost to the Snappers 6-5 in 11 innings, but even the first 8 took well over 3 hours. This was a “walk/strikeout” type of game: Snapper pitchers struck out 21 Chiefs batters and Chiefs pitchers struck out 11. But the Chiefs walked 9 and hit 1; the Snappers walked 8 and hit 1. And that 3’rd inning; the Chiefs pitcher couldn’t find the plate and had to be relieved with 2 outs and the reliever promptly gave up a double.

Still, the Chiefs star hit a home run and a triple..only to be thrown out when trying to stretch it into an inside the park home run (and it did take an excellent throw to get him).

The game was played in patchy drizzle and there was a delay to make the pitchers mound playable (was getting muddy and slick)

The start of the game

Fans fleeing the rain

The “Goreman shift”; on this at bat he knocked it off the center field wall and couldn’t quite get the inside the park home run. He did knock one over the right field fence in the previous at bat.

Social: last night, I had dinner with a Naval Academy classmate: Steve.

it was a while ago.

Workout notes next day, I slept in; walked 2 miles with a loaded backpack and later 3 (including 30:12 for 5 laps of the W. Peoria track). This morning: yoga, 4 miles on the treadmill:

11:10, 17:40 for 2 (29:45 for 5K), then walk/jog to get 39:30 for 4. 3 miles of easy walking finished it up. Weight: a bit up; 188 prior to running.