Aging changes the formula

One thing about trying to run as an older person: the training formula that worked in your late 30’s/early 40’s fails to work 20 years hence. I figured I needed to do at least a little bit of faster (less glacial) running so I jogged to Bradley Park and did 2 lower loops (featuring Dog Park Hill); it is about 2.5 miles for 2 loops. Time: 22:18 (11:15, 11:03) or just under a a 9 minute pace. This is faster than I did last October but in Spring of 2016, my times were 11:04/10:52 and 11:05/10:34 (and one loop was 10:29). But I think that more “faster running” can help; I’ve been mostly on a diet of slow 7-9 mile runs as 12 minutes per mile.

We’ll see where this leads.

Some photos

Just drinking my coffee..getting ready to run. 6 miles with a faster segment or 9 steady/ I do have a final exam at 2:30 pm.

I got the photos from last weekend’s 5K

My time was 27:12 which equates to about a 23 minute 5K for a younger person. The age tables suggest that I might be able to work down to just under 26. So, I need to get to work and stay patient. Recently I hurt myself with a slow 20 lb. weight gain, and I need to spend some time at my current weight and train up.

And there is no denying that I took a big hut after my last (2010) knee surgery.

Note: I can race a 43 year old woman on equal terms. I don’t know why I thought to check on that.


My weird final exam schedule allowed me to make the Drake vs. Bradley MVC softball game. I saw yesterday’s game, a 4-0 BU victory over Indiana State. But this time BU faced no. 25 ranked Drake and their all-America pitcher who threw a perfect game and struck out 18 over 7 innings. Still BU hung tough and was trailing 1-0 going into the 4’th inning when the BU catcher hit the pitcher with a hard throw as a Drake runner was attempting to steal. The ball went into the outfield and allowed the Drake runner to score. The BU pitcher was not the same after that and had to be relieved and eventually the dam broke and Drake won 7-0.

It was simply a matter of Drake being a strong team with an excellent pitcher.

Then I got to see Illinois State’s 1-0 win over Bradley. The lone run came on an home run in the 3’rd. ISU made it interesting in the top of the 9’th when they loaded the bases, but BU escaped the threat. But the Redbird reliever shut BU down in the 9’th. It was a honey of a pitcher’s duel on a great day for baseball. I just wish Bradley had won.