After yoga (held crow for 30 IS getting easier). Knees: slightly more flexible. Slightly. Weight: 185.

No, that isn’t very fast (1:41 for 8.1 is slow for a “run”) but the effort was far easier than Tuesday and I got more practice with the hills.

Steamboat 15K: the last time I went under 1:30 was 2014, and in those days, my 8 mile training runs at a relaxed effort were about 1:20. Now-a-days, these are 1:36 and that ratio leads to a predicted 1:48 for Steamboat..which is what I’ve been running my practice 15Ks in. Oh boy. I need to set realistic goals.


Yes, I powerwalked it in 1:55:52 in 2017 and 2:15:55 (hot..easy walked it in) in 2018 but sadly, I’ll have to do it without Lynnor this year.

Forgetting: I am looking at an abandoned paper (from 2015) and had spend some time figuring out what the heck I was doing. No, I wasn’t an idiot. 🙂