sometimes the answer is simple

Yoga, (“held crow” for 30 seconds!) then an 8.56 mile “run”. The goose loop (and parts of the trail behind the Riverplex and to the south) are underwater but the parts north are fine.

I modified the course by going “out and back” on the Sprindgale to Prospect hill (did the mausoleum hill too) and then added a small park loop (in the green space near the volleyball courts) and did an out and back to the Gateway. Yes, 11:45 mpm is pathetic. But those huge hills do slow you down, and this is somewhat better than I’ve done at other times; this “run” did have a bit of spice to it.

THAT is why it felt harder than normal. Weight: 184 prior to running (186 with shoes).

Elections: yes, Biden leads. But here is what is interesting:

Forty-seven percent of black women surveyed for the poll said Biden is their top choice to be the Democratic nominee, giving him a wide lead in the demographic over his rivals.

Another 18 percent of the black women polled said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is their top choice, and 9 percent said they back Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

Biden also has the most support among white women, with 36 percent of white women naming him as their top choice, the poll found.

Why I find this remarkable: my “Twitter bubble” is all “white men are stupid and evil”, “should get out of the way”, “should listen to women”, “should listen to women of color”, etc. Well, I suppose they mean “listen to them unless they say what I don’t want to hear which means that they’ve internalized the misogyny of the patriarchy”, etc. At times, our “woke” are like the old Bible Beaters with a different canon.

Disclaimer: I back Klobuchar and have given to her..and given a lesser amount to Harris and Booker. Those are MY 3, though…well…they are long shots, at best.