Pre-baseball walk

Well, I’ve already attended one of two ball games this afternoon. The next one will be in 90 minutes or so.

But I got my walk in first.

This was really one of my better recent walks, which surprised me a bit. I need to work up to “double the distance at the same speed” and that will be a chore. But when I can do that relatively comfortably, I’ll be ready for a marathon.

Note: the time should lead 2:32 not 2:52.

What I think gets missed in the Caster Semenya controversy

No one doubts that Olympic athletes are genetic outliers and that the greatest Olympic champions are outliers among outliers. Well, I thought that everyone got it until I read stuff like this.

Here is the issue, as I see it: the men’s category is unrestricted; as far as I know, one doesn’t have to do a genetic test to compete in it. The women’s category IS a restricted category because men have genetic advantages in the major sports. Really..otherwise why have a women’s division.

And the issue here really is: does Semenya qualify *as a female* for the purposes of athletics? To me, that is really it. And no, I am not qualified to determine what criteria should be used.

Of course there are genetic outliers within the “female category” but ..does Semenya fall in that said category? Or is it more fair to vie Semenya as a “so-so but hardly world class” open category athlete.