Campaigns and sex appeal…

This Twitter post is interesting to me:

This isn’t the first time..not by any stretch:

So, can this only benefit men…and is it wrong to use it at all?

Well, one can consider my US Rep. Cheri Bustos who made a “50 most beautiful” list. She definitely exploits her athletic physique. Example: this is her FB profile:

This is one of her commercials:

And her Instagram account is full of photos which shows off her health and vitality (softball, running)

In my opinion, she’d be crazy to NOT exploit that. And while her photos are all in good taste, there is no separating health and vigor from sex appeal..which does lead to a favorable image.

So yes, female politicians can do this and still be viewed very positively. In 2016, she won reelection by 20 points in a district that went for Trump ( 2012 Obama won it by 17).

A couple of baseball games

First things first: I got my own workouts in.
Thursday: after yoga (and I got into crow pose), thunderstorms drove me to the Riverplex track for 6.4 miles (7.5 laps to the mile): 1:33, 10:55, 10:46, 10:52, 10:51, 10:54. (1:05:52)
I felt a bit drained. Weight: 186

Friday: same weight; weights only: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10, 1 of 5), bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, decline: 9 x 165, military: 3 sets of 10 x 45 standing (dumbbell), rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine, then plank, knee stretches, etc. No squats today.

Last night, I caught the Chiefs’ thrilling 4-3 win over Dayton. The Chiefs lead 2-1 before an error on a throw to first lead to a score and a tie game. In the top of the 9’th, Dayton took a 3-2 lead, and the Chiefs were down to 1 out (no one on) in the bottom of the 9’th. But 3 singles lead to a score and a tie game. In the 10’th, the Chiefs held (ghost runner rules…free runner at 2n’d) and then in the bottom of the 10’th, a single drove in the runner (and Dayton protested that the runner didn’t cross the plate)

Today, after class, I picked up the Bradley vs. Valpo game: it was 2-1 which…well, ended up being the final score. The pitchers more or less dominated, though there was some nervousness when Bradley walked the bases loaded (2 on with 1 out, loaded with 2 outs) but the pitcher struck out the last batter.

Some of the action: