Some Bradley Softball: unusual plays and grand slams

First, I had to walk the walk..that is, just over 10 miles of walking. It took forever 2:52 but it was done at a leisurely effort, and I got the old cat call from my yoga teacher. That was fun.

I caught 1 game on Saturday (wet and chilly) and part of the first game of a double header and the second game as well.

I got to the first game when it was 7-4 Indiana State and saw Bradley not score. But in the 6’th, fireworks. BU’s bats opened up with consecutive triples and that lead the way to 3 more hits (including one double) and 4 runs; that put BU up 8-7 going into the top of the 7’th.

The opening play was key. ISU got a single …seemingly no problem but the ISU player had thought about trying for a double and then changed her mind. A throw to first was high and got just past the first baseman (off of her glove and a bit behind her..the runner didn’t try to advance but the first basemen threw to second and the ball went into the outfield..and then started to dribble past the outfielder. So the runner ran for second and the throw was just a bit high..but the runner slid off of the bag and was tagged out! Out..due to two errant throws.

Good thing too as the next batter doubled..but ended up stranded.

Then came game 2; it was a pitcher’s duel for a while until BU tied it up with a solo shot. Then came a 4 run barrage …a grand slam, in fact. Indiana State got one run back in the top of the 6’th, but in the bottom the Bradley bats opened up again, this time for 5 runs in the bottom of the 6’th, which was capped by a 2 run home run by the 3’rd baseman, who hit two in Saturday’s game. That made it 10-2, triggering the 8 run “mercy rule” ending.

Yesterday’s game: was moved to 3 pm..and was played just right as it opened up. It was a back and forth affair..each team getting the lead and the other team getting it back. Final was 8-7 Bradley in a slugfest.

Author: oldgote

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